Sprinkles 04

Sprinkles 04

Sunday, April 14th, 2013
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This episode is the very first appearance of Farty McSimmons. It’s also his last appearance as far as I know. I don’t think he’s appeared in anything before or since.

The animation team consisted of Myke Chillian, Dan O’Conner, and Sue Bielenberg on character animation/ story boards. They worked their asses off. On backgrounds and color was Steven Chunn and Andrew Delange (these two teamed up and did some story boards as well). After effects animation was Sevan Najarian and Jesse Mattson. Also Goran was there. He did photoshop stuff. Original score was done by Ryan Elder. Also only in a few days time. More to come.

Series: Mister Sprinkles



  1. xD, this is insane – cool

  2. Sean Win says:

    Ahaha this was great

  3. Nick Day says:

    please make more of these. I want to come back and see more of this story

  4. Travis Moor says:

    what is this indie garbage?

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