Sprinkles 01

Sprinkles 01

Friday, April 5th, 2013
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This was a short made for the VH1 pilot of  “Acceptable TV”. This particular cartoon had a really small  animation team and took us WAY longer than we originally expected it would. The team consisted of Steven Chunn on backgrounds (all hand painted acrylic), Myke Chilian on character animation, Sevan Najarian on compositing, assembly, and key-frame animation (basically bringing it all together), and me (Justin Roiland) directing it.

Creatively (development and script) it was a collaboration between Dan Harmon and myself, with the aid of several other Channel101 veterans (link at the bottom of this website). It felt like a fun mesh of both my and Dan’s sensibilities. A way to service both of our creative instincts, do you know what I mean? A way to highlight two types of tastes, if you are able to see my line of logic. An attempt at displaying two different dichotomies, if you understand what I’m describing. An experiment in putting together two pieces of perspective, if you follow my positioning on this. A way to fold two fine felines, if you feel your way through the field. Etc.  <–(stupid)

This episode of Mr. Sprinkles served as “the pilot” and a total of eight were eventually produced. Episodes two through eight had a bigger team, and a VERY different production pipeline. I will explain more later. Hold on tight on that one. Don’t go anywhere on that one. I’ll be right back to explain more about what I meant by that one. Don’t head off anywhere with that one. Careful with that one. Be careful. Watch out! Look out! Stay still! Don’t move! Stay put! Don’t move! Watch out! Be careful! Stay put! Don’t move! Watch out! Be careful!

Series: Mister Sprinkles

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  1. I want to make this in HD as well!

  2. Joel Cieslak says:

    Well, that's what happens when you're a punk. A cratonkulous shnunk.

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