It’s Twissleton

It’s Twissleton

Friday, April 26th, 2013
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This was one of the earliest cartoons I ever made. This was a collaboration between myself, Sevan Najarian, and Abed Gheith. We did this back in 2004 out of my tiny apartment in Studio City. Boy you wouldn’t believe it. How tiny it was. Just kidding, it was a decent size. You can see it in episodes of Space investigations actually. That’s where we shot those. Boy I’m really getting off track here. Anyway. This was back when I had to draw everything myself. Now I have all these better artists to do it for me based on my commands and desires. What a pleasure this is now. What a delight. The theme songs were done by Nick Haas and Matias Drago, two amazing guys with two amazing talents for music. My only regret with this cartoon was not rewriting the last quarter of it to have an actual ending. I had all these ideas about the second episode, but who cares about that right? Anyway. I hope you enjoy it.



  1. Bobby Clair says:

    Im so sorry you dropped the ball on the Twissleton's, you had so many options and directions that you could have gone in…

  2. Mary-Frances White says:

    This was great.

  3. Alex Pithers says:

    Fantastic your comedy middle really ooozed out with style on this one what is the music at end please??

  4. Olivia White says:

    There is something about the buildup of this one leading to poo-poo and pee-pee that has more genius than a person might think from reading this comment. WAIT SHIT don't read this comment! Oh no! Don't do it!

  5. Jack Jacoby says:

    This is da poop and pee and doodoo

  6. I want tha sequel, and drawn by you not by your staff of imprisoned Thai children!


    omfg how did you get that audio sample back in '04 hahahah

  8. Bryan Shane says:

    Quite a good F-job on Narnia. Lots of Edmonds in your toons. LOL

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