Relative Insanity # 02

Relative Insanity # 02

Friday, June 7th, 2013
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Here’s the SECOND (out of three) “Relative Insanity” short. This is another scene plucked from the pilot. Lots of hours of work went into this. Dan O’Conner, Myke Chilian, and Collin Flemming drew SO many things here. We put in an insane amount of time on this. Dear god.

The lovely and talented Mindy Sterling voiced the grandma. I hope to work with her again in the future, she was amazing in this.

Little fun fact about these shorts: All the animation was done traditionally, on paper, using light boards. The art was then INKED and then scanned into photoshop, where it was colored and assembled into a sequence. Then Sevan would import the sequence and time everything out according to the radio play. It is insane to think we did it like that. Now we’d just use flash or something. Draw right into the computer. The upside here is that I have six banker boxes full of original “animation” art on animation paper. Anyone want some of that? I’ll sell it to you for money and then donate it all to charity. I don’t give A FUCK.


  1. Is that… is that the grandma from Grandma's virginity podcast logo? So hot.

  2. this was fun! the animation was good and the writing n dialoguw was really funny! the police scene was unexpectedly hilarious!

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