Wednesday, August 21st, 2013
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In this episodeā€¦

Holy crap! What a blow out episode! It’s a full extrava-ganza! We talk about comic con. We talk about this. We talk about that. I don’t care about episode discriptions! Who needs em anyway?! Not me! Check this episode out! Step right up! Someone else write this! I don’t want to write this! Someone else do it!

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  1. Chris Piers says:

    Please make a new episode.

  2. Rick and Morty is Awesome. I knew of Dan Harmon through the Duncan Trussell Podcast but I had to find out who this Roiland guy was. I listened to a song and episode 43. Good shit! I'll be checking out more content later. Is that guy doing the outro the same guy who does the intro and outro for Dan Carlin's Podcast?

  3. Andrew Avant says:

    this site hasn't been updated in a long time… makes me sad.

  4. Andrew Avant says:

    I'm crying now. Because of the sadness.

  5. Andrew Avant says:

    It's a lot of sadness. It makes me cry. The sadness is making me cry now. I think that's why I cry.

  6. Andrew Avant says:

    Because of the sadness.

  7. Andrew Avant says:

    Turns out it was onions. Sorry for the confusion.

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