cookie party 1

cookie party 1

Friday, May 10th, 2013
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This is another one of the cartoons I wrote and directed for The Sarah Silverman Program. Same team as the other Sarah cartoons, consisting of Andrew Delange on backgrounds, design, and color; Myke Chilian on character animation, design, and color, AND the absolutely adorable Sevan Najarian on Aftereffects animating, lip sync, and other odds and ends. We were a one stop shop. We had it down. We knew what we were doing. We had it all figured out. Huge shout out to Abed Gheith who voiced the evil Mister Cookiecrumble guy. He really did a great job. Good work pal!

These were really fun to make. We were on the lot, able to run around the sets and be assholes while everyone else worked hard to produce and film Sarah’s show. I would go and grab whoever I could in between takes and record them in an office or whatever I had available to me. We really were a rag tag team of rough and tumble animators, just finding our way in the big bright city.

I was so proud/ excited about the whole cookie party idea that I wanted to do a bunch of them. I wanted it to spin off like the Simpsons and become huge and earn me a billion dollars, but I don’t think anyone outside the cast and staff of Sarah’s show knew who I was or that these existed. Very few people saw them. I think they are on the DVD, but I don’t think anyone has ever watched them. Someday, I would like to have a show on Comedy Central. Some day. Some day in the future I want a really close/ good relationship with the people at Comedy Central and a show on their airwaves.

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  1. Sean Mills says:

    I watched these cookie cartoons. I showed them to any and all friends, and inevitably we would do bad impressions to each other ad infinitum. Doing a a whiny cookie voice and adding "…Michael" at the end became common place.

    And, although it makes little sense out of context, the phrase, "I didn't want the cookies to be Ameros" remains in my lexicon. I wish this was a show had a million episodes.

  2. These cookies kind of remind me of Mr.Meeseeks

  3. This is such an immense concept man, I would really like to watch this every day

  4. This is such an immense concept man, I would really like to watch this every day

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