Sprinkles 02

Sprinkles 02

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
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This is the second episode of Mister Sprinkles. This was literally created in it’s entirety within 5 days time. We had a bigger team in place on this one, as we knew we would need to be able to go from script to final animation lock that quickly. The reason for the fast production pipeline was the “Acceptable TV” gimmick. It was a sketch comedy show that allowed the audience to vote on their favorite TWO (of the FIVE) tiny shows featured in each episode. The two shows with the most votes continued on for more episodes. The others didn’t. That was the gimmick.
Mister Sprinkles kept getting voted back. That meant we had to animate a new episode within 5 days time every week. We did that for 7 weeks in a row. I directed/ exec produced them all as well as did voices. I didn’t have as much a hand in writing them (after the first one) as I would have liked, but with the schedule we were on it just wasn’t really possible. Dan Harmon lead the writing, and I was busy being cast in other sketches and running the animation department. It really was insane. But it was also a blast. I look back with fond memories. I have stories. I have so many stories.
The animation team consisted of Myke Chillian, Dan O’Conner, and Sue Bielenberg on character animation/ story boards. They worked their asses off. On backgrounds and color was Steven Chunn and Andrew Delange (these two teamed up and did some story boards as well). After effects animation was Sevan Najarian and Jesse Mattson. Also Goran was there. He did photoshop stuff. Original score was done by Ryan Elder. Also only in a few days time. More to come.

Series: Mister Sprinkles

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