Sprinkles 03

Sprinkles 03

Friday, April 12th, 2013
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Oh man look! It’s mister sprinkles number three! Oh man look! This was the second week of us making a cartoon in 5 days. 4 and a half really. There was an ice cream truck that we would chase down and buy plastic bb guns from. Then, late at night, we would take over the Occidental Studios lot (haunted) and have full paintball style shoot out wars. It was intense. I’m not sure how we got these cartoons done to be honest. I mean. I don’t remember. We fucked around SO much.

Did you notice the voice of Mr.Spinkle’s big fan in this episode? Could you tell who that was? That’s right. It was Ryan Ridley. You all know and love him. Well, he’s in this episode! Can you believe it? He’s the star of this episode! What a bonus! What an added treat! Anyway. Here’s the third one. Wow.

The animation team consisted of Myke Chillian, Dan O’Conner, and Sue Bielenberg on character animation/ story boards. They worked their asses off. On backgrounds and color was Steven Chunn and Andrew Delange (these two teamed up and did some story boards as well). After effects animation was Sevan Najarian and Jesse Mattson. Also Goran was there. He did photoshop stuff. Original score was done by Ryan Elder. Also only in a few days time. More to come.

Series: Mister Sprinkles

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  1. AJ Young says:

    Christ almighty I forgot how funny mister sprinkles is.

  2. Don't think I didn't notice the Animal House cop car.

  3. Travis Moor says:

    oh, look, it's the death of imagination in the world. what a buncha hipster bullshit.

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