Most Extraordinary Space Investigations: Episode 01

Most Extraordinary Space Investigations: Episode 01

Friday, September 21st, 2012
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Dan Harmon was hanging out at my shitty apartment in Sherman Oaks one night in 2005 because we were developing some show for Fox that never got past the first pitch, and we spontaneously decided to make a 101 show. We called up my good pal Sevan and got to work. No script, just following Dan’s story circle, we drunkenly finished principal photography around 2 or 3am completely unsure about the usability of what we had just shot.
Dan then took the footage and quietly worked away, eventually crafting it into this masterpiece. I remember seeing it for the first time and being really surprised at the final result. It was hilarious (for what it was) and a testament to how important editing is.
It also introduced a new approach to channel101. The sloppy, lazy comedy show. Quite controversial when something so haphazardly put together beats out a well produced and very polished show.

Series: Most Extraordinary Space Investigations

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