Unbelievable Tales

Unbelievable Tales

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
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This could have been more palatable to the audience if I had focused on selling the concept instead of trying to gross the audience out/ shock them. At this point in time, all I wanted to do was listen to an audience freak out. So I took this great idea about a creepy kids show host who is also kidnapping kids and just went balls out and made it totally fucked up. I mean, the foundational concept was dark and creepy to begin with, but I could have crafted it in a easily followable, ultimately satisfying way. I fully understood this going in. I didn’t care. I wanted so bad to just make something insane. That’s what drove me. Insanity. Confusing people. I want to make more stuff like this. The audience at 101 hated it. There’s no money in stuff like this.
Side note: There are some conceptual/ visual similarities between this show and Mr. Sprinkles. Check out the exterior shot of Crumply’s house and then check out Mister Sprinkles house. This is also the first appearance of Little Dipper!

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  1. Joel Cieslak says:

    Dear Lord it's Mr. Jellybean

  2. O-oh my God….W-what the hell!?
    That creepy Jellybean guy!

  3. Sean Win says:

    Ahahaha so fucked gotta love it

  4. Kitsune Tenshi says:

    Friggin love the insanity ^_^

  5. holy shit! its king jellybean from that rick and morty episode. except here nobody is kickin that sick son of a bitch's ass. are you makin a part 2 of this? please tell me you're gonna make more of these. maybe have characters from other shows on this one. like put the unmarketables and unbelievable tales together. that would be great!

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