Toro and Moro

Toro and Moro

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012
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This was my entry to a very old (2004) Channel101 pilot for FX. IT SUCKS! DON’T WATCH IT!

Out of all the things I’ve ever made, THIS is the one that I am the most ashamed of. I hesitated to even post it on this website, but that felt like the wrong thing to do. Let me start with the things that I love about this. I love Patton Oswalt as the father. I wrote the character to be like Dave from “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and Patton delivered the goods and then some. I love Rich Fulcher as the battery guy/ dad’s friend. Rich is amazing. I love Laura Silverman as the little girl. in fact, I love all the voices except for Toro and Moro themselves. I also love the character designs and I love the painted backgrounds by Steven Chunn. I love the look overall. It feels nice. But I dropped the ball where it counts the most. The story and the comedy.

I hate the story here. I watch this now and it exhausts me. I’m ready to slit my wrists within the first 20 seconds. You know, to be fair, Abed’s voice as “Moro” isn’t so bad, but I absolutely hate what I’m doing for “Toro”, but the real issue here is the rigidness of the story and concept. It’s a mess. I mean, these aliens look like a mass of testicles and vaginas. They should have been found by the president’s daughter and accidentally trotted out on stage during a debate. The stakes weren’t high enough and the comedy was non existent. The traveling freak show concept blew. Who cares.
In my defense, I had to complete this cartoon from script to final output within 7 days, so I definitely wasn’t working with a clear head. I wasn’t having fun. I was stressed out. That’s the worst way to feel when you’re making something. I knew it wasn’t right the whole time, but we didn’t have anytime to re-think it. We were trapped on a speeding train of bad, cloudy, unfunny story telling. I was drawing 12 hours a day for 6 days straight. It’s so disappointing. I should have thrown out Toro and Moro after my 6th draft of the shitty script and just created something new and fun. I HATE THIS THING!! DON’T WATCH IT!

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