Tiger Wizard Suitcase

Tiger Wizard Suitcase

Sunday, September 30th, 2012
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This is actually the first cartoon I ever made. Working with Sevan Najarian and Abed Gheith, this thing was all we did every day for a few months back in early 2003. I drew everything and Sevan key-framed all my art making it come alive. It was actually one of the most pure things I’ve ever done, since we had no reason for making this thing other than our own desire to do so. We didn’t have an audience in mind. I remember Abed and I recorded all the voices in my car, right into the mic of a shitty Sony digital 8 camcorder. It sounds like shit, and we were soaked in sweat from the heat of that car, but the whole time we were laughing our asses off.

The comic book shop in the opening is “Earth2Comics” in Sherman Oaks. I still shop there to this day. This thing was originally supposed to just be a segment on a larger animated variety show that was packaged as a comic book. 22 minute comedy. episode one would have been issue #1, episode two would have been issue#2 and so on. I’ve been trying to package an animated variety/ sketch show since as far back as I can remember. Some day.

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