The Unmarketables

The Unmarketables

Friday, September 21st, 2012
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You probably can tell that the designs of these characters are pretty similar to Doc and Mharti. Originally that’s exactly what they were going to be, but with different names of course. Then we got Andy Dick on the table and how could I resist. He is fucking hilarious and he did a great job in this as pumpkinseeds and peanuts.
This was another one of the cartoons made for Acceptable TV that never saw the light of day. It killed me, because I know I would have had more fun making this than I did making Mister Sprinkles. Maybe someday we’ll figure out what rich banker owns this and figure out a way to do it as a real TV show. Maybe Dan Harmon and I own it already! Who knows! Check your local listings!

I’ll update this post with crew credits at a later date since I don’t have any credits on the cartoon itself.

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  1. Lindsey Laird says:

    You're absurd and I love you.

  2. yYow. Could this be the Beyond the beyond I was told of??

  3. "Unmarketables", oui. But crap ads? Non.

  4. Gideon Moore says:


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