Relative insanity Short # 1

Relative insanity Short # 1

Friday, April 19th, 2013
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This was the first of three shorts I made for a FOX pilot I sold with the legendary/ wonderful Jack Black back in 2007. These shorts were produced thanks to the amazing and lovely Jennifer Howell who stepped into office at 20th Century Fox as the head of animation around the same time I was writing the pilot script for this show. They originally passed on my insane pilot script, and then Jen pleaded with the big wigs to find some money for me to produce a pilot presentation. Here it is. For the first time ever. Never before seen. Fresh for your eyes.

I had a lot of help on this. Some blood, sweat, and a few tears were shed here. Not literally though. No one cried. Myke Chillian, Dan O’Conner, and Collin Flemming were the lead character animators and boy oh boy did they do a TON of work let me tell you. There were also other fine folks who worked on background and color and I am in the ongoing process of collecting everyone’s information for you all to see. stay tuned. OH. also. The whole cat thing at the end wasn’t my idea. It was a suggestion from some of the executives and I did it because I thought it would help me get the show on the air. I do, however, love Rich Fultcher’s amazing performance as the cat. He’s a real team player. He’s the best. I love that guy.

The show was about a normal guy who was/ is being somewhat held back in life by his insane family. That’s it. Get a look at this! This is all part of my resume portfolio here. This website is my portfolio of work. My resume of work. My portfolio I mean.



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