House of Cosbys: Episode 02 HD

House of Cosbys: Episode 02 HD

Friday, April 12th, 2013
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Sevan, Chunn, and myself worked on this bad boy in February 2005 for that month’s Channel101 screening. (Channel101 link at the bottom of this webpage!) A marathon 3 weeks of work from soup to nuts (as they say). We spent several days working out of a tiny San Francisco hotel room too! Abed was there too! You should have been there! You wouldn’t have believed it. I can’t even explain it to you! You should have seen it.

I beat my head against the wall for a while sorting out how best to fill the time in-between the bigger series plot points I had planned. My friend Julie Self helped me with this episode. She pitched a bunch of different cosbys, one of them being “Steve Prefontaine” cosby. I don’t remember what the joke was though. I miss her.

This was all hand drawn and scanned in using big clunky scanners. No wacoms. No cintiqs. No jokes. No holds barred.

This HD output is all thanks to the hard work and dedication of my dear life long friend Sevan Najarian, without whom, I wouldn’t even exist. I would have never been born.

Series: House of Cosbys

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  1. Jeff Casey says:

    awesome! I want more house of cosby.

  2. I think Evil Cosby's evil super power is clear now… Theo!!

    Please bring House of Cosbys back. Rudy!!

  3. ysee theo, youve gotta learn to let a man take a bath

  4. please find a way to bring back this awesome show. nothing against your other shows but this is the funniest most well drawn show you've done. nothing compares to house of cosbys.

  5. Christian R. Fjell-Weiseth says:

    Where can I get the OST? lol

  6. Hilarious, always have loved jokes about bill cosby and arnold shwartzaneger.

  7. Matt Blihar says:

    When will a new House of Cosby episode be released?

  8. Bill Cosby's lawyer got the show cancelled. 🙁

  9. Zach Mueller says:

    They should have the 1000th Cosby be rapist cosby

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