Hilarious Jokes

Hilarious Jokes

Friday, September 21st, 2012
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This is the second cartoon I made for Channel101 with Sevan and Abed. It looks like it would be simple, but the background we used made it a nightmare. I think after effects crashed several times and Sevan lost a ton of work. Tensions were pretty high on this one. When I first started drawing the characters I remember Abed and I sitting around one night riffing these horrible fire jokes. Originally both hosts were going to be in good health, just telling really offensive jokes. That was the show. But these fire jokes got to be so funny, that I decided to switch gears and re-write the script to make the first episode of this show all about the co-hosts fire accident. This still stands as my favorite thing that I’ve ever made. It holds up for me. I hate watching the things I’ve made, but I never mind watching this. This is also the first appearance of Leroy Paloni. A character that I swear will get his time to shine at some point so help me god.

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