GVP 40: Adventure Time creator Pen Ward!

GVP 40: Adventure Time creator Pen Ward!

Monday, June 4th, 2012
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In this episodeā€¦

Pendleton Ward and show favorite Kent Osborne sit in on this delightful episode of GVP! Smith Harrison our announcer took care of making sure this episode is safe for all audiences by censoring the explicit content within! He might have missed a few spots though, so beware. Actually, I wouldn’t risk listening if you’re under 17 years of age JUST to be on the safe side.

Thanks to Pen Ward and Natasha Allegri for the episode art!

Thanks to Ryan Elder for the new Kent’s Closet theme! Thanks to Krocky Meshkin for the Psychici abilities beats!

As always, thanks to our announcer Smith Harrison for helping guide us toward the light side the best he can.

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  Check out our announcer Smith Harrison and follow him @voiceoverstudio!

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  1. Great Podcast! Wish you could let the other guys speak justin roiland, your funny in moderation, but let there be "interview periods"

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