GVP 12: The Mind of Jackie

GVP 12: The Mind of Jackie

Friday, July 30th, 2010
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In this episode…

You like Jackie?  You got Jackie!
You’ll learn all about Jackie’s warped sense of right and wrong and find out what she has in common with “Dexter”!
You’ll hear tales of talent shows past and her beautiful singing voice will melt your pre-pubescent hearts!
You’ll discover the secret identity of her mysterious dream girl!  And what they do in the privacy of their little dream world love nest.  Watch out “Inception”!
You’ll find out how Jackie fares as she tries out a groundbreaking new virtual reality experience and goes up against classic video game characters in a test of wills! Plus: Mister Scoops!  Listener email!  Kooky Justin characters!  And much, much moooooorreeeee!!!!

Thanks to Justin Roiland for the episode art.

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