Friends and Lovers: Episode 02

Friends and Lovers: Episode 02

Friday, March 1st, 2013
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Sevan Najarian, Abed Gheith, and I were the most amazing team. This is an example of creative harmony with brilliant results. This is the best thing ever made in the history of mankind. This is better than Jesus. (Juuuuust kidding! April fools about the Jesus stuff!)

We shot this at my best friend/ band mate’s old rental house in Manteca, Ca. I should include the address here so that fanatics of this brilliant film can go check it out in person. I’ll update later with a google maps link. Please be respectful of the people who live there. Or just show this to them and they’ll love it too and be cool. (use your smart phone streaming from america’s fasted 4g network, etc.)

Wile you’re there, keep your eye’s peeled for a silver belt buckle. I am almost positive I left it there, and it’s worth a lot to me in sentimental value and actual real value. Whoever retrieves the belt buckle first and brings it to me, they get to dig through my garbage ONCE for anything valuable that I might have thrown out on the chosen week that they are allowed to dig. (I will be the one chosing the dig day, you must provide your own travel and must be availble on my chosen dig day, as there will be no other days offered)

Good luck america!

LEGAL NOTICE: We can’t be held responsible for what you people do to retrieve that silver buckle. I think it’s in the backyard, but I can’t be sure. If you actually go back there, or break into the house looking for it (it could be in the hall closet) we are in now way responsible for that. It’s on you. Not us. We don’t think you should do that to be honest.

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  1. Doesn't mean it's not hampennen

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